Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

For Keralities, it’s almost impossible to think about a curry or side dish without curry leaves added. A few consider curry leaves to be a decorative item only. It’s true, curry leaves either fried or not, enhances the look of the dish and gives it a traditional appeal too. But do you know curry leaves is not used for decorative purposes only. In fact it has many medicinal values. If used while preparing hair oil, it gives black colour to hair and prevents early grey as well. Here are a few more medicinal values of curry leaves listed.

Reduces cholesterol – Make a fine paste of curry leaves in the early morning. Serve it as a lemon/aracanut sized ball in the early mornings with warm water. Curry leaves own the magical power to reduce cholesterol.

Remedy to lice and dandruff – Make a pine paste of seeds of curry plant and lemon juice. Apply it on hair scalp and wash it off after half an hour. It’s a good remedy to both lice and dandruff.

Remedy to allergies and skin diseases – For breathing problems due to allergies and skin problems, there is one homemade medicine. Make a fine paste of curry leaves and turmeric and make a gooseberry sized ball out of it. Serve it with warm water.

Remedy for dysentery, vomiting and gas troubles – Curry leaves give instant remedy to many digestive and intestine related problems. Crush well 30 gm curry leaves, 20 gm Kadukathod (skin of Kaduka) and 10 gm dried ginger together. Boil it well in 1 litre water to prepare Kashayam. Total contents should be reduced to 250 milli on boiling. Serve twice a day 100 milli each to get relief from these digestive disorders.

Remedy for grey hair – If you add a few curry leaves while preparing hair oil at home, it promotes hair growth and provides good black colour. It also prevents premature grey up to some extent.

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