From Flats to Villas – Time has witnessed a change

When world began to shrink with modern technology and narrow space, flats became the latest fashion. In a highly populated country like India where it was scarcity of land in metros, flats and apartments were the best choices. But now trends are slowly changing. It’s the case of towns and small cities where people are now interested in purchasing villas than flats. Villas help you to get rid of that ‘prison effect’ of flats where one gets home, a courtyard and a boundary of his own. It gives the feeling of living in his home or village.

What is a villa?

Villas are a group of homes within a compound having more or less same structure and patterns. Even the colour shades chosen are same to give a distinct look to a villa project. Villas in a project may differ in size but they share a unique design, particularly the front end design. It gives a strange feeling that all neighbours are same and that they are living in same environment.

While choosing villas people often think about his new neighbours and his privacy. No doubt, people living in a villa shares same social background, both culturally and economically. When all people of the society belong to same cultural group, it becomes easy to remain together and communicate easily. Distance from work place or holy places are also given importance nowadays. As good schools are available in all major towns around, of course ‘distance from office’ gets the first preference as everyone works overtime nowadays. Professionally also, it helps them to link with the new society easily.    

5-10 cent land with a single or two- storied home plus a courtyard, car porch and boundary wall for privacy – a villa gets all these things in a packet. It’s exactly similar to a normal home we build in villages or towns, except that all homes form a cluster and appeals uniform. If it suits your budget and dream design, you will get a new villa with a community with whom you will love to live and mingle with. Silent area, a few steps away from main town is the main place for a villa. It gives you the calmness of a village and fresh air to breathe, free of all pollutions! 

Currently I reside in a villa since May 2016. Though it’s our rental home, it gives pleasantness to stay in a lively atmosphere. It’s a group of 7 or 8 homes, including one 3-storey apartment located in the outskirts of main town. It is easy to drive 7 kms to main town and as the residence belongs to village area, I can breathe fresh air and the place is surrounded by green trees and paddy fields. What else do you want?

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