Christmas is near. Decorate your home in Christmas style

Christmas is near. Santa might be on his way. It’s the time for celebrations. Why can’t you decorate your home interior to welcome him in grand? A few ideas to fill each corner of your home interior with Christmas mood, let us make Christmas grand this time. Time has gone, when a Christmas tree is decorated with colourful papers, glitters and balloons, and a crib is placed nearby. New generation theory suggests that you should fill each corner of your interior as well as exterior with Christmas thoughts when December winter arrives.

Why can’t you choose ‘Red and White’ as theme colour for interior decorations? Use this colour theme for your carpets, curtains, bed sheets and even pillow covers to welcome Christmas season. Let me give a few more ideas to decorate your home in Christmas style this festival season.

This is the modern colour palate

If you have a combination of red and green colours in your Christmas decorations, minimize them a little bit. As per modern colour palate style, classic look adds elegance to your Christmas season. Never ignore red and green completely. Instead use these colours minimal. Gold, silver, black and metallic red are the most advisable colours of modern colour palate. But interior paint should be pure white. No other colour can give such a Christmas look in modern colour palate style. If you want to paint the walls and corners where you place Christmas decorations, choose only white paint.

Curtains are of great importance

Changes in curtains can entirely change the look of your interiors. Changes can be brought in bed linen and sofa backs as well. Change your sheer curtains (thin curtain) to pure white and give metallic, gold or silver shades to the thick rear curtains behind. Red or green knots or red bows can be used to tie curtains in elegant style. You can choose white theme for bed linen, table sheets etc. Avoid ivory coloured bed linen with stitched red flowers. Instead you can try silver tripped silver printed bed linen.

Face of furniture

You can chance the look and arrangement of furniture in your interior to give a fresh look. It’s easy to change home interior to Christmas theme. You can pack small gifts inside white, gold or silver stockings and hang at the corners of your furniture and interior. You can also hang such gift stockings in the arms of chairs and tables. Holiday table can be set at one corner of the family room, where Christmas gifts are accumulated. You can wrap gifts in gold and silver papers and tie using laces or small ribbons and can place in this table in your visitor’s hall, and gift them on Christmas day.

New styles to lamp shades

Lamp shades play a significant role to make your Christmas decorations classy. Lamp shades with thread finish add extra beauty. Choose silver and gold colours only. Light warm shades are best. Also choose warm colours for bulbs used for Christmas decorations. It’s the latest trend. Yellow colour of old filament bulbs can also add fresh look to Christmas nights. You can hang ‘amps with red colour China paper here and there within the home interior to raise Christmas spirit.

December mist in furnishings

You can change napkins, napkin holders and fridge stickers to Christmas themes. You can use runners with silver or gold metallic finish in dining table. White hydrangea flowers can placed in a flower vase on the top of your dining table. You can choose white flower vase and place light pink carnations. You can cut the stems of Christmas pine trees and place in flower vases. Porcelain bird image and green leaf bouquets can be used in bed side tables and corner tables.

Christmas Tree – The Heart of Christmas

Christmas tree at the corner of your hall is the centre of attraction of Christmas decorations. You can experiment with silver Christmas tree instead of green colour to add classy look to your Christmas interior this time. Use only minimum amount of gold, silver, coloured balls and coloured Christmas ornaments as hangings for your Christmas tree. Never use different colour decorations to hang in Christmas trees; instead choose a single colour. You can spread white tree skirts below the Christmas tree and place gift packets. Give the same colour theme, you choose for gift packets placed in holiday table.

Cinderella candle stands

It’s a very beautiful candle stand with fine artistic skills. They can be placed in room corners to give final touch to your Christmas decorations. To give Christmas mood, you can spread white table cloth on tables and place Cinderella candle stands on their tops. They can also be provided corners of bed tables and dressing tables.

Christmas wreaths on doors

Instead of decorating doors with readymade Christmas wreaths, buy wooden wreaths and wrap with silver ribbons. It adds our creativity to Christmas interior and gives a different look as well. Dried wooden twig wreaths could be the best option. Otherwise fill a big stocking with gifts and hang at the doors.

Twinkling Christmas stars

While decorating sit-out and trees in home premises with lights, it’s a very old trend to decorate them with green, blue and red shades. Use warm lighting this time, to bring some old nostalgic memories back. Avoid paper Christmas star this time. Instead use wood or bamboo stars and hang bulbs in them. You can also make beautiful asteroids using strings.

So give this year Christmas season a different but classy look, you make everyone around you jealous.  

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