A green garden at your courtyard – A few simple tips

Is there even a single person in this world who hates greenery in front of his house. Most of them though like to see garden in front of their home, go back with their desire seeing the less spacious courtyard. So, through this column I am giving you a few tips to design a small garden in front of your home, even if you don’t have enough space. Ideas have been taken from my younger brother’s garden whose passion is gardening and plants, and nothing else!

Grass and small hills – highlights of a garden

Grass plays an important role in adding beauty to your garden. Grass carpet creates an illusion and makes a small garden appear big. By providing small hills in green carpet we can give illusion of a spacious garden. Grass land with the same elevation can never give such an impact. We can build small hills near the main wall using soil. Without destroying free flow of water it’s possible to build small soil hills with dimension 2 feet.

Plant trees and flowering plants

If you can’t find enough time to grow grass fields, you can buy instant packets. Though this method known as ‘turfing’ is a little expensive it can be fixed easily. Along with grass land, you can grow big trees, flowering plants and scrubs to make your garden attractive. Cycas palms can be planted here and there to give your garden a natural look. Beneath those artificial hills if you place terracotta works of horses, homes or pot it’s a nice idea.

Hibiscus, jasmine and ixora for those who can’t get enough time

If you don’t have enough time to give proper care to plants, you can grow a few items that need less attention. Hibiscus, jasmine, mosanda, ixora etc are a few such plants that blossom too. Fruit trees can be planted near walls and boundaries, but assure that when they grow up they never hide the beauty of home.

A lotus pond for a royal look

A lotus pond with a few fishes adds extra beauty to your garden. Give artistic design to make it attractive. First step is to dig a big hole. Then fill it with a tarpaulin and above it, place a polythene sheet. Around tarpaulin you can put soil and beautiful stones to give it a natural look. Now fill the tank with water and add lotus and water lilies to it. You can put a few fish too, if you have enough time for its care. Around those stones placed, you can make a green grass carpet. This artificial pond stays so, for at least 3 years with less maintenance work.

Garden lanterns for ravish beauty

You can fix garden lamps here and there. Grass carpets and a side of your garden are the best sites for fixing garden lamps. Now the last part is to make a path through the garden. It can be done using pebbles, bricks or stones. Now facilities like hard plastic pavers to use vehicles in the grassland and rubberized pavers and button stone to lay on areas used for jogging purposes are also used.

Image source: Pixabay

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