6 Colourful ideas to make your kitchen interior colourful

Days have gone when kitchen used to the only resort of house wives, and no other family members enter it. The place filled with firewood, charcoal, smoke, fumes and only vessels – that’s the sketch of kitchen some two decades back. Now most of the ladies are working women, and a few of them change their kitchen to a workplace as well. Kids’ studies, dining, their recreation and small chats with other family members; now kitchen has taken the place of second living room. So why can’t we make it lively and add a few colour elements as well, to give a living room look. Experiment with colours in kitchen interior? Here are 6 simple ideas using colours for your kitchen interior you can experiment with.  

1. The whole look of the kitchen can be changed with the help of simple mirrors. Mirrors can be fixed in the doors of kitchen cabinet. Your kitchen will appear much bigger, and the light reflected in the mirror gives extra lighting to your kitchen.

2. Black & White combination is top trending colour all times, and you can try this combination in kitchen floors and kitchen cabinet. Also read UPVC kitchen cabinet. Such contrasting colours can change the entire look of your home interior.

3. You can also try contrasting colours in the shelf above countertop, used to store curry masala powders and containers. You can give one colour inside the shelf and contrasting colour outside. Such colouring experiments can also be done in crockery shelf and cabinets.

4. Wooden colour or some light plain colour – most of our kitchens hesitate to experiment with colours in the interior. Give a change. Use some bright green or yellow colours for your kitchen interior. If you make friendship with neon colours, you can change the entire mood of your kitchen and yours too!

5. Designer tiles are trending now – patterns, floral and mirrored are some of them. You can try them for kitchen flooring. If you spread these tiles on any wall from top to bottom till ceiling, it becomes the focal point of your kitchen. Please choose a wall without kitchen cabinet.

6. If you are not interested in bright and dark colours, you can choose turquoise. Colour matching with green bushes and deep blue seas can give soothing effect to your eyes. Turquoise is generally made of 70% blue and 30% green. You can choose some light colour for kitchen interior, and use turquoise for countertop, handles of shelves, crockery etc. You can notice the change easily.

Here I have provided a few experiments with colours to bring a positive change to your kitchen interior. Hope you like it.

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