Zumba – Let us dance towards fitness

Zumba is not just a dance, but an exercise too. It provides you with fitness and relaxation of mind. Ifyou hate exercises a lot, you may hate the terms – Push up, squats, sit-up etc. But the same person may achieve body fitness through Zumba dance. Through dance steps matching with rhythms, if you are able to perform it for 1 hour, you can burn 400-600 calories and enjoy yourself too. Read more about Zumba dance.

1. Exercises of gym are changed to dance forms, and new dance steps are introduced to it which provides health and fitness to those who perform it. This dance form is called Zumba. To avoid strain to foot muscles, a pair of sport shoes, and to make body movements ease, stretchable pants and a T-shirt – only these things are required for Zumba dance.

2. As Zumba is a part of fitness program, it’s advisable to learn it under a certified trainer. Based on the physique of each person, it’s determined how fast the steps are to be carried out, how to do it, which steps to follow etc. Only a trainer can guide you properly. Zumba steps should be performed correctly to gain the expected results.

3. Though it takes one or two months to learn its dance steps, and later can be done at home, it’s advisable to go to Zumba classes after learning too. When you perform as group, it energizes and refreshes you better. Also, you get the assistance of trainer if you forget any step or commit a mistake.

4. Choose songs which give equal preference to upper body exercise and lower body exercises.

5. Apart from giving instant solutions to obesity, it strengthens muscles, and helps to achieve flexibility of bones and joints. There are certain methods in which the performer needs to produce sound while performing. It helps in reducing mental pressure too.

6. Even if you are able to spare minimum three days in a week for Zumba, you get better results.

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