Things to note while choosing rugs for your interior

Floor of your living room with uniform tiles, without any creativity or patterns. How can we add a little bit creativity to such floors and make them beautiful and attractive? We can choose rugs for floors, quite suiting our interior paint and furniture. Rugs are available in different colours, texture and patterns. It changes the whole look of your living room.

Rugs are used for decorative purposes and laid only in those areas where needed. Like carpets, they never fill the whole floor. Its maximum length is 6.5 feet. Both machine made and handmade rugs are available. Rugs are also available in variety types such as traditional, contemporary and Persian. Rugs made of woolen, cotton, jute, synthetic fiber and olefin are high in demand.

Rugs on walls and ceilings too

Rugs can bring different moods to different parts of your interior. Rugs are most commonly used in living room and family living room. By using rugs we can highlight the centre portion of your room. Today most people opt for marble, tiles and granite for flooring. You can spread woolen or grass rug on such floors to add a little warmth to floors. Grass rugs are processed hay or different grass types. But grass rugs have some disadvantages too. As they are prone to fungal attack, it’s not suitable for house members with allergy issues.

Jute rugs are not normally used for floors. It can be used as sound insulators in rooms set for home theatre. You can put rugs beneath your beds in your bedroom, where you put your feet. You can use flat rugs for this purpose. Rugs with dimension – 80 cm*240 cm or 120 cm*240 cm can be chosen. Use rugs made using synthetic fiber in front of bathroom doors. They resist fungal attack and are good for places exposed to moisture. 80 cm * 60 cm is the ideal dimension for bathroom rugs. Make it small and simple.

For interior with traditional designs and furniture, bright rugs with floral prints could be the ideal choice. Modern design, plain, abstract pattern etc are best for homes with contemporary interiors. Beautifully designed rugs with pictures are hung on wall also.

Jute rugs are high in demand

Choose rugs matching with colour of walls and furniture used in the interior. If you first spread carpet pad first and then rug on its top your rug gets more life. Thick carpets such as high-pile carpets add a royal look to your interior. Flat and woven rugs are thin, but more expensive than thick ones. Price of rugs varies according to the material used and thickness. For square feet, the price varies from 20 to 700 Indian rupees. Handcraft and jute rugs are high in quality, demand and highly priced too.

Rugs made using synthetic materials and rope are beautiful comparing with other varieties of rugs. They are cheap too. But they are easily attacked by dust. Rugs should be cleaned at least twice a year. If you have spread rugs in areas exposed to dust and dirt, clean them frequently. You can also dry wash rugs. Some of them can be cleaned first, given shampoo wash and dried well before reuse. If you can’t wash your rugs, remove its dust first and then clean using a vacuum cleaner.

Things to note while buying rugs

1. Where to spread rugs.

2. Size of the room.

3. Durability of rugs and cost.

4. Colour of room and paint used.

5. Convenience to clean rugs

6. Shape of rugs such as circle, rectangle etc.

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