Important tips while using thermometer

Symptoms of fever in kids are most common at late nights or early mornings. So, it’s advisable to keep one thermometer at home, particularly if house members include children or old people. A thermometer comes handy for you in many occasions, and helps you to control fever at the right time by availing medical help if needed. Read the following steps to know how to use thermometer.

Thermometer helps to know body temperature within a few moments

98.6 degree Fahrenheit is the required body temperature for a healthy person in normal conditions. 96.8 – 100.4 degrees is considered as normal temperature. If the body temperature is higher than this range, you need medical help. If you calculate body temperature in degree celsious, 37 degree is normal, and 36-38 degree is considered average.

1. Digital thermometer is the best buy for your home. It shows the correct reading. The traditional glass thermometer is also available in market. But it’s not advisable to use glass thermometers to check temperature of kids, old people and those suffering from epilepsy and high fever.

2. Digital thermometer is available in a wide range, in different prices too. Follow the instructions given in the manual, while using the thermometer, and they may vary from one another. When you switch on the thermometer, you need to choose Fahrenheit or celsious.

3. You can measure temperature by placing the thermometer under arm or beneath tongue. The readings while placing thermometer beneath tongue is more accurate. While placing thermometer under arms, the recorded reading may be one degree lower than the actual temperature. In short, while placing thermometer under arms, if you get 97.5 reading, the actual reading is 98.5.

4. Also, you need to place thermometer under arm for long time to know the body temperature. It may take up to 5 minutes, if you want accurate results. If you place thermometer inside mouth, you get the result in 3 minutes.

5. It’s advisable to use separate thermometers for individual person at home, particularly in the case of small kids. If two or more persons use the same thermometer, you should sterilize it properly before reuse.

6. Soon after you drink hot coffee or tea or any cool drinks, wait for at least 5 minutes before you take readings. Otherwise you won’t get the correct readings.

7. Before you place thermometer under arms, remove sweat and moisture completely. Then only readings will be accurate.

8. While placing thermometer in mouth, it should be placed in the thick portion beneath the tongue. Never bit it with teeth, and hold the thermometer using lips.

9. Before you use thermometer, wash your hands properly. Also clean the tip of thermometer. After use, wash the tip of thermometer.

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