Give a seasonal change for your interiors with less cost & time

It’s possible to give a change to your interior according to seasons. Without spending too much time in designing your interior, you can give it a new face through a few simple steps and tricks. Go through the column to know to some easy steps.

When you return from office, freshness in interior can attribute a lot to get a positive mood. Yet repetitive sights can make you feel bored after sometime. It’s possible to give small seasonal changes to your interior occasionally, and it can be done based on seasons or celebrations. Such a small change can give you a refreshing mood, definitely. In most cases, we may not need to think too deep or take so much time to give a different look to the interior. Read further to know.

Tips to keep heat in control

Steps to reduce heat inside interior should be taken a bit earlier. Give sunshades to windows. Choose glasses which can allow sunlight but block heat.

1. If you use white colour paint in your terrace, it reflects maximum sunlight and hence reduces the heat inside interior.

2. Indoor plants can reduce heat inside rooms. Greenery gives a pleasing sight to eyes, and cleans air too. You can also set vertical garden near the windows, less exposed to direct sun.

3. Sheer curtains are well suited for summers, a style when a curtain is placed behind the main curtain. Materials like net, organza etc are used for this curtain. It gives sufficient air ventilation, but restricts dust particles. If you want excess sunlight, you can use sheer curtain only.

4. When heat intensifies we can try some simple methods to bring down temperature inside rooms. Bring clay pots inside rooms and fill them with water. Also put a few ice cubes. It gives coolness to rooms. You can also shade these pots with colours or designs of your choice. You can also draw colourful pictures and designs on earthen pots.

5. To give a summer feel to your interior, use cotton or linen clothes with floral prints for chair backs, cushion cover, bread spreads, curtains etc. Big floral prints with contrast colours are trendy.

6. For flower vases, choose flowers with colours – orange, yellow and pink. You can also choose vessels, pots, wall decorations etc with these colour shades.

During the tensed examination season….

Tension is everywhere within the interior. Both child and mother are tensed, and less attention is given to home’s interior. If you don’t get enough time to clean everything, you can wrap a few decorative items which kill the look of interior, due to dust or lack of proper cleaning.

1. Remove everything from your kid’s study room which can distract his studies. If study table is placed near window, it will be exposed to good sunlight. But it should distract his studies from sights outside. Never arrange study space which gets easy attention to living room or bed.

2. During kids’ vacation time, arrange furniture in such a way that interior gets maximum space to walk around or play. You can remove all those easily breakable things like glassware from the space to play.

3. You can put rugs with good grip in those areas with glossy tiles, to avoid skidding. As temperature and dust are slightly high during summer vacation, choose rugs made of fibre or cotton, and colours like orange, yellow and aqua blue are simply the best. These colours are best suitable for summer season, and hence designs turn elegant.

School re-opening time when rain is at its season’s best

During rainy season, sunlight is one of the major issues. Due to cloudy atmosphere, home interior also turns gloomy. In the wall opposite to window, place a big mirror or stick glossy wallpaper with light colour shade to reflect maximum light inside the room.

1. Choose thin curtains with fewer pleats for monsoon seasons. Even if they get wet due to rain, they dry easily. Neutral colours like white or beige could be the nice choice.

2. Choose coir mates for your exterior during rainy season. Choose moisture resistive mats like bamboo and jute for your interiors too.

3. Buy a few candle stands of different shapes and sizes. Light a few perfumed candles in your interior to get rid of bad moisture or fungal smell. It gives a pleasant look and smell to your interior and gives an elegant appeal too.

4. To make kitchen jobs easy during rainy season, set a foldable breakfast table in your kitchen. Even while you are busy with your kitchen work in the morning, you can give breakfast to your children.

Bring changes to your interior according to seasonal celebrations

During Onam season, you can decorate home in a traditional way. Use Kerala saris to stitch curtains and cushion cover. While stitching curtains, make sure that silk border appears in the lower bottom. Same is the case of other celebrations too. Read a few simple Christmas decorations here.  

1. You can place old urli and old copper/brass utensils in your interior (after cleaning). You can also place old clay vessels as showpieces.

2. During Onam season, you can place Kerala boats, Kathakali face, Maveli, Onam fly (dragonfly), elephant etc as curios in your interior. 

3. In modern and contemporary designed interiors, you can bring a different look to your interior through a few tricks. Fill small bottles and bulbs with water and put flowers along with lengthy stem. Then hang them together in a rope.

4. During Diwali and Navaratri celebrations, use hot colours and accessories. You can choose red, yellow and orange shades for curtains, chair backs, cushions, table mats, kitchen towels, blankets, bed sheets etc.

5. It’s not needed to buy separate decorative items for each celebration. Instead change the theme. For example, you can use same tree for three or four years, as a part of Christmas celebrations. Clean it before every use. But change the decorative items and colour themes every year. Santa theme, nativity theme, winter theme etc are a few which you can alternatively try each time.

6. Christmas themes change every year. Keep metallic shades like gold and silver fixed, and combine Christmas theme colours like red, white, blue and green in different ways to set a new theme. Also add a little bit of creativity.

Fill your interior and mind with green shades

1. Spare a little space of your interior for nature. Indoor plants can be arranged in triangular or circular spaces, giving a different arrangement.

2. Table top greenery is currently trending. In small and beautiful pots, plant bonsai or skew land plants, and place on the top of tables. Terrarium is yet another trendy choice.

3. Arrange flowering plants according to their season of flowering, and make a few sets. During each season, you can set a plant combo and place them in visiting rooms or guest rooms. For every season, change that set to place the new.

4. Air plants which don’t need water or soil are suitable for all climatic conditions. They are simple, but enough to bring elegance to any interior, though it’s small in area.

New face for your old home

It’s possible to bring slight variations in the look of your home. Give preference to annual change too. You can bring a new look to your interior by introducing any one of pebble court, water body and wall cladding, or a combination of two or more. A few more ideas…. 

1. If you design your interior with minimalistic style, it’s very easy to bring small changes. Reduce fixed elements to maximum, so that you can make small alternations easily. Even a small change can bring a great difference.

2. Colours like black, white, grey and beige form amazing combo with other colour shades and any style. So choose these colours as neutral shades while introducing changes to décor, soft furnishing etc.

3. You can make changes in arrangement of sofa set, bed etc to give a new look to interior. These are important furniture pieces of rooms, and hence even small changes can give an entirely different view later. But such changes may not be practicably possible because it may alter TV view point, and plug points too may be accessible at new position. Also, if rooms are small, such changes of main furniture are not possible always.

4. You can find three or four feasible arrangements of main furniture, so that plug points and TV units are not blocked. If it is possible, once in three or four months, you can change position of main furniture.

5. Place a small round table in the focal point of guest living area. You can change curios of this focal point once in a while, or during different occasions or seasons.

Trend on wheel

1. Metallic shades are currently trending, of which gold, copper and bronze are current stars. You can choose them for curios, centre piece, highlighted wall etc.

2. Green shades are always trendy. Olive green, apricot green etc are could be nice choices, and choose mat finishes than normal shades.

3. Art pieces like a single picture filling a wall completely, a single statue as the highlight point in a room etc are highly admired by art lovers. Tribal prints are also in demand.

4. Terracotta and earthen colours and wall decorations are also trendy. In wooden furnishings, chocolate brown is the star.

5. You can choose velvet fabric upholstery for sofa and other furnishings. Pastel colours in velvet clothes for your cushions and chairs can change the entire look of your interior.

6. You can also experiment with Indian prints like Kalamkari, Indigo cloth and desi trends also.

7. Animated motif for sofa settee with animals like elephant, tiger etc have also found a place in Indian furnishing market now. Animal curios, wall tiles with animal and bird figures etc are recent additions.

8. Open space is more important. French window has replaced normal windows. Glass doors with open space is yet another choice.

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