Eyes can also reveal your health and ailments

Very often we compare our dear ones to eyes and iris. Among the 5 sense organs, eyes have a significant value. In the technology world we are living, we can’t exempt mobile and computers. The changed life style is badly affecting our eye health and vision too. Now eye problems start at a young age and the number of eye patients has also seen a steep increase. Do you know many diseases show their first symptoms through eyes? When poet says, eyes tell a lot of stories, a doctor says, eyes reveal the real health of a person.

Do you have any disease? Eyes reveal it easily

Shining and bright eyes are the best features of good health. Colour change of eyes, tired eyes, eyes falling into socket, tearing eyes etc are some of the common symptoms. Genetic orders, birth issues, diabetics and many disease conditions can affect eyes. Eye diseases can occur as symptoms of other diseases. For worm problems, if you are anemic your eyes turn pale and white. For jaundice, it appears in yellow colour.

Swellings in eye lids

Red rashes and swellings in eye lids are quite common, and they get cured within 3 or 4 days. If such condition persists for a long time, you should consult a doctor. Sometimes cancer affecting sebaceous gland may show symptoms as swellings of eye lids.

Thyroid gland and eyes

In the recent times, thyroid issues have become very common. In many people, disease conditions are known late. In both the cases, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can affect eyes. Uncommon swelling of eyes could be pointing to thyroid issues. It eyes budge out, it is a common symptom of hyperthyroidism.

Do you stay too long before computer?

We can’t even imagine a day without laptop or mobile. Prolonged hours in front of computer – is not good for eye health. It you feel dimmed vision while looking to computer screen, you could take care. It could be Computer Vision Syndrome. If you feel irregular figures, lines and black or dark colours, it could be migraine. In a few people, head ache accompanies such blurred vision.

Diabetics and blood pressure

Eyes can be affected by both these life style diseases. Diabetic patients may have dimed vision. This condition is called diabetic retinopathy. In short, to protect your eyes and vision, protect yourself from diabetics and bp too. Once in every year, check your eye vision. If you are diabetic, keep your blood sugar level in normal values. Once you reach 40, check eye pressure and condition of nerves frequently.

Healthy diet is equally important

Leafy vegetables like moringa, and yellow fruits like papaya, lemon and mango which have beta carotene & Vitamin C can protect your eyes a lot. Main villains of eyes are mobile phones, dust, heat, busy life style, tension etc. Care your eyes while using mobile, computer etc. Give enough rest and exercises to eye muscles. Once in every two years, check your eye sight.

Never touch your eyes with fingers, and avoid rubbing of eyes. When you reach home, wash your eyes with lukewarm water. Make it a habit. Always use fresh water to wash your eyes. Germs can enter eyes through hands. So clean your hands first before washing eyes.

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