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A few of my mysterious thoughts and quotes, shared through twitter and other social networking sites


That’s What We Call Hope

Ray of Hope – That’s how the word ‘Hope’ is always defined. Though humans pass through many bad events throughout his life, it’s this ray of hope – a bit of positivity that binds him...


Some Perspectives I Noticed

“For a blind man every colour is just black” “For a blind man every colour is just black, and ‘blindness’ can be darkness of mind too in true sense” “Great ideas are often spontaneous,...


Social Media

    “Chatting and social sites are good to bring you from an isolated world where you hide yourself. But never make it a habit. Small dose is OK”   “Social Media can serve...


Meera’s Thoughts – English Quotes

  These quotes originally belong to my translations of my Malayalam novel titled – Mattoru Meerayaay, which literally means ……. As Another Meera     “Thoughts form a part of life, whether necessary or...


Real & True Facts Quotes From Observation

    “Both sadness and happiness can give you sleepless nights” “It’s told everything happens for a reason. But many times we can’t figure out for what reason such a happening occurred…..and all happenings...


Positive Powershots

    “Realistic dreams are powerful enough to bring you to the shore of destinations.They act as strong as catalysts sometimes, though many times your dream is your worst weakness too” “We can paint...



    “Loneliness also holds a beauty……… But not visible to everyone” “Loneliness is what that happens in silence When darkness creeps towards the – Deep Corridors of mind Without disturbing anyone” “Chatting and...


Marriage and Relationship Thoughts

    “One of great positives of marriage life – You can’t even tease your mind and body without seeking permission from your partner” “When you enjoy responsibilities as small challenges than burdens, your...


Divorce and Separation Quotes

  Some thoughts shared about divorce and separation, one of the worst and most unpleasant happenings of one’s life……     “If I burn this paper to ashes, can that broken relation be restored back?”...