Category: Snacks

Snacks that can be served with tea at any time, and many more….


Batata Besule

Ingredients for Batata Besule: 1. Potato cut into finger pieces and half-fried – 600 gm 2. Red chillies grinded – 100 gm     Ginger-garlic paste – 4 small spoons     Salt –...


Burned Tapioca Patties

Ingredients for Burned Tapioca Patties: 1. Tapioca – ½ kg 2. Turmeric powder – 1 small spoon     Salt – As required 3. Rice powder – 1 small spoon     Curry leaves...


Filled Banana Fry (Pazham Nirapori)

Banana gives energy and protein and its snack also provides memory power. It’s a healthy snack for kids. Ingredients for Filled Banana Fry (Pazham Nirapori): 1. Big sized Kerala banana (Ethapazham) – 1 2....


Carrot – Curd Mix

Carrot includes components such as beta carotene and Vitamin C, and cherry includes anthocyanin. Beta carotene wakes up memory, while anthocyanin induces it. When both these ingredients combine with protein rich curd and carbohydrate...


Sweet Cutlet (Madhura Cutlet)

Soya beans with proteins and sweet potato filled with energy – they together combine to give an amazing snack for kids. Ingredients for Sweet Cutlet (Madhura Cutlet): 1. Sweet potato medium sized – 1...


Soya Pakoda

Super snack using protein rich soya chunks; It will be equally loved by kids and adults. Ingredients for Soya Pakoda: 1.Soya chunks – 1 cup 2.Pepper powder – 1 small spoon Salt – For...


Garlic Bread

Ingredients for Garlic Bread: 1. Garlic – 1 cluster     Green chillies – 2 2. Amul butter – 100 gm 3. Celery chopped fine – 2 big spoons     Salt – For...