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Won’t you desire to have beautiful hands? Yet they are ignored most. Given a lot of manual efforts to hands on daily basis, they witness tear and wear. That’s why age reflects most in hands than face. In hand care, manicure holds a significant value. If you go to saloon for a manicure, you can add extra beauty to your nails. It also gives quick solution to breaking nails. As oils and creams are used for massaging, air circulation increases, and it also prevents infections to great extent. You can also read Ombre Style of nails here.

When you watch beauties in ads and movies, it’s quite natural that you desire to get beautiful hands and body like them. But when you go a saloon, you might be confused to choose a particular manicure for your hands, and often doubted about the creams used for the purpose. Through this column, let me introduce to you different types of manicures, latest used in parlours.

What type of manicure do you want – 3D art that is the latest trend or Nude polish, which is not clearly visible? You can choose any type. Nail art is available in many varieties. If you choose a nail art quite matching your personal style, it adds to style quotient, and adds your confidence as well. It also gives a presentable look. 

Basic Manicure

If you are doing manicure for the first time, basic manicure is here for you. Nail technician applies cream and oil in your hands. Then she immerses your hands in lukewarm water for 5 minutes. Then she removes cuticle from your hands, and asks you how to cut your nail, and in which style and shape. Square, oval, scoval (combination of square and oval), stiletto and coffin are most common styles of nail art. When the final decision of nail style is done, next step is massage.

Base coat is applied to nails. You need to choose a colour for nail polish and in accordance to it, second coat of polish may be done. The process is completed when the top coat is done.

French Manicure

It deserves the distinction of classy and most popular among different styles of manicures. If you want to add beautiful and clean look to your hands, this one is the best. You can choose pale pink or beige color, as per your skin tone. At the nail tips white nail polish is done. It suits every type of costumes and every occasion as well. It gives a healthy look to your nails, and adds beauty as well. Reverse French manicure is done by using the colours in reverse order.

American manicure is a variation to this style. Instead of deep white, neutral colours are added to nail tips. You can also enhance nail beauty by using glitters. If you don’t have long and beautiful nails, there are some choices for you people also.

Acrylic Nail Art

It’s the cheapest one among all manicure styles. It’s a method to stick artificial nails on the top of your nails. You can modify its length as you desire. A specific nail glue is used for this purpose, and it’s always a better idea to go to a nail technician to get this art done. Different types of designs, beads, stones, bird feathers etc can be experimented in this art.

Gel Manicure

If you want your nail polish to stay long in your nails, you can choose gel manicure, if only you are not interested in acrylic manicure. Manicure steps are similar to normal manicure methods. But to dry polish, it’s exposed to UV light.

Shellac Manicure

It’s quite similar to gel manicure. Shellac nail polish is used for this purpose, and to dry nails a special dryer is used. It lasts for minimum 2 weeks, and also strengthens the nail.

S. N. S Nails

It’s most convenient among manicure styles and provides healthy nails as well. Instead of nail polish, nail is dipped in SNS Powder, and a top coat is applied. It’s available in wide range of colours, and stays fresh at least for 3 weeks without refilling. It’s stronger comparing other manicure styles. Yet it’s very thin, and suits people who want to give natural look to nails.

If you are not interested in any of the above mentioned styles, you can try sticker nails. You should keep in mind your life style, job profile etc before choosing a manicure style. You also need to note factors such as, how long you immerse hands in water, do you have kids etc. Such people can choose manicures which last at least for a fortnight. No doubt, properly maintained hands, beautifully cut nails and stylish nail arts can improve your personal confidence, elegance and beauty.

Image source: Pixabay, Wikipedia

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