Grapes Squash (Munthiri Squash)

Ingredients of Grapes Squash (Munthiri Squash):

1. Grape juice – ¾ kg

2. Sugar – 1.5 kg

3. Water – 1.5 litres

4. Tonovin essence – ½ tsp

5. Citric acid – 4 tsp

6. Sodium benzoate – ¼ tsp

How to prepare Grapes Squash (Munthiri Squash)?

1. Wash well the grapes and boil for 5 minutes in ¾ litre water.

2. Extract juice and filter using a cotton.

3. Prepare syrup by boiling sugar and citric acid in ¾ litre water.

4. Allow the syrup to cool off.

5. When it cools completely, add to grape solution.

6. Add Tonovin essence and Sodium benzoate and mix well.

7. Store this grape squash in containers.

8. You can add more water when you serve.

Note: You can also serve this drink without adding water. For the above preparation method, you get 2.5 bottles of grape squash. One glass of this drink serves you 3% energy.

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