Everything you want to know about Graphic Line Eye Makeup

Graphic line is the magic to adjust the size of eyes. For stage shows and photo shoots, giving graphic line to eyes adds attraction. That’s why it’s a hot favourite of actors and models. Bollywood actors like Sonam Kapoor use this style of makeup. This makeup doesn’t suit casualwear much. But if it’s done in simple way, it gives a different look. Here I tell you how to do this style of eye makeup.

Triangles or squares at eye tip for Graphic line eye makeup

Blue and black colours can be used to give graphic line. It starts with eye tip with simple drawing, and towards end squares are drawn. For big eyes, thin strokes are sufficient at the tip with squares. For small eyes, use thick strokes at eye tips to enhance the appeal. While using graphic line eye makeup, never forget to use lipstick of some dark shade.

If triangles or squares are drawn at eye tip and thick shades of dark colours are given. Outer line is to be drawn first before giving colours to its inner side. You can draw this style easily using eye liners resembling pen. The gel present in this type of eye liners helps to dry kohl quickly. You can experiment with blue and black shades.

You should give mascara and eye shadow before using this liner. Also remember that, once it’s drawn, it’s not easy to rub and draw it for a second time. So take extra care and patience while drawing graphic lines for your eyes.

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