Ear Pain and Infection in Kids – A few points to keep note

Ear pain and infection easily affect kids. They suffer a lot in severe pain also. Pus in ear is one of the major symptoms. If you take care of these simple points, you can keep at bay this condition to great extent.

1. When you breast feed or feed using feeding bottle, your kid’s head position should be slightly elevated upwards. Otherwise milk may reach Eustachian tube which connects ear with nose and throat, leading to ear infection.

2. While bathing your child, take extra care. Water should never enter his ears. Applying oil inside ears can also lead to ear infection and pus. Properly clean oil applied on his ear lobes.

3. If your child is prone to allergies, chances are more for pus and ear infection.

4. While you are travelling, never allow your small kids to sit near window side. If not, cover their ears with a towel or cap, to avoid direct contact with dust, smoke, moisture and wind.

End note: For ear pain, garlic oil is a good solution. Crush 10 gm garlic and crush it. Boil in 5 milli coconut oil and once cooled, apply two drops on affected ears. Read 100+ such Ayurvedic remedies that can be done at home.

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