To preserve vegetables fresh for long days – A few simple tips for you

Tip to preserve ginger for long days – As soon as you buy ginger from shop, wash it well, remove the skin and spread it on a piece of paper. You can remove its moisture using a piece of cloth. After moisture content is completely gone, transfer ginger to a air tight container and place in refrigerator.

For curry, mint and coriander leaves – Put curry and coriander leaves in an air filled plastic cover, tie its opening end and keep this cover in refrigerator. The leaves stay fresh for long days. You can also use a plastic container to do the same process. The container should be closed well. You can keep mint, curry and coriander leaves fresh for long days by placing them in a glass jar. But change water everyday.

You can wrap coriander and mint leaves in tissue paper or plastic covers and store in refrigerator for long use. Coriander leaves can be kept fresh for 1 week by wrapping them in newspaper. You can wash and remove moisture from curry leaves, and remove from stalk one by one as leaflets. Now store in an air-tight container in refrigerator. 

To store garlic – If garlic is stored as cloves, they stay fresh longer.

To preserve coconut for longer days – Coconut is not categorized as vegetable. Yet I would like to add this tip here. Cut coconut into pieces and place it in a container inside refrigerator filled with water. Coconut stays fresh for a longer period.

To store spinach for long days – If spinach has roots as well, dip it in water. They stay fresh for long.

To store green chillies for long days Remove the stalk, and completely remove moisture also. Then keep it in refrigerator in air-tight polythene covers. It stays fresh for minimum 2 weeks. You can also wrap them in kitchen towel and keep in sip-lock bags in refrigerator.

To store lemon for long days – Remove its moisture content, wrap in a newspaper and put in a plastic cover. Then place it in refrigerator. Lemon stays fresh at least for 2 weeks. You can also pour a little water in a plastic container, put lemons in them and place in refrigerator. Lemons stays fresh at least for 2 weeks.

To avoid potatoes from sprouting Place an apple inside the potato container. 

To store celery and broccoli for long days – Wrap celery and broccoli in aluminium foil and store in refrigerator for long use.

To store tomatoes for long days – Wash the tomatoes using cold water and dip in water, adding a little salt and turmeric powder. After 15 minutes, wash it again using clean water, remove the moisture content completely using a cloth and store in air tight containers in refrigerator. 

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