Spinach & Amarantus – For taste and health

Spinach is the most common leafy vegetable used to prepare a wide range of dishes. It’s available in green and maroon-red colour, and many more varieties like Palak. Green coloured spinach is healthier than red one. Let me tell you some of health benefits and medicinal values of spinach, also known as amarantus. Spinach is called Cheera in Malayalam, one of the very common leafy vegetable used to prepare side dishes for boiled rice.

Spinach for intestine diseases – If you cook and eat spinach continuously for three months, you can get rid of intestine related diseases.

Spinach for constipation problems – Rich in fiber, it’s a good solution to constipation problems.

Spinach for breast milk – Squeeze leaves to get juice from amarantus and serve it with 3 ounces of goat soup. For feeding mothers, it’s a good solution to increase breast milk. As it is rich in iron content, spinach leaves give a quick remedy to paleness and tiredness related to delivery too.

Spinach for urine related diseases – Crush and make juice from spinach leaves. Mix it with equal amount of tender coconut juice. Serve 6 ounces of this solution twice a day to get rid of urine related diseases.

Spinach root for jaundice – The root of red spinach is a good remedy for jaundice. Make a kashayam using spinach root and serve.

Spinach to improve memory power – Pluck 2 or 3 spinach plants as such. Make a kashayam adding brahmi and muthil (centella). Serve this kashayam regularly to improve memory power.

Spinach for kidney stones – Make a kashayam of spinach leaves and horse gram. Serve 3 ounces of kashayam every day adding 2 small spoons of lemon juice. Serve it twice for one month continuously to get rid of stones in kidney and urinary tract.

Disclaimer: Please use it as a reference only, and seek an expert’s advice.

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