Mint (Pudina) – Health Benefits To Know

Pudina is used for the preparation of several dishes like sandwiches, biryani etc. It’s also used in toothpastes and several medicines. Through this column let me tell you major health benefits of Pudina, also known as Mint. In most Indian languages, this leaf with pleasant and spicy smell is called Pudina, while it’s Mint in English language.

Mint for teeth – After you brush your teeth, chew a few mint leaves. Your teeth shine better and it gets rid of bad smell as well. As mint is resistive to germs, it can prevent plaque, swellings and similar diseases affecting teeth and mouth.

Mint for head ache – Mix a few drops of lemon juice with mint leaves and apply on your forehead. You will get relief.

Mint for vomiting during gestation period – Make a mixture in equal quantities of mint juice, lemon juice and honey and have it thrice a day for one week. You will get relief from vomiting.

Mint for wounds – Apply a little mint juice along with coconut oil on affected areas. It’s a good remedy to wounds and bruises.

Mint to reduce menstrual pain – Heat a little mint juice and serve 15 milli juice with a little sugar thrice a day. Do it regularly for 5 days just before the expected menstrual periods to start.    

If we look around us, we can find a lot of natural remedies to our common diseases. It’s always a good option to try them first before taking high doze medicines spending huge amounts of money.

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