Dust allergy & Sneezing – A few useful tips to get rid of them

It’s quite usual at least for a few persons – to sneeze continuously. It may be generally due to dust allergy or sinus issue. If you take care of these things, you can get rid of sneezing due to dust allergy to great extent. Have a look at these simple things.

What’s allergy?

Our body may be resistive to certain external objects and it may resist in some way it can. Though it’s not a serious issue doing harm to the body, it’s definitely irritating and disrupts our daily activities. There is no proper treatment method of allergy. Best solution is to stay at distance from them. If you keep at bay those allergic substances, you can get rid of this sneezing problem, of course.

Dust, pollen grains and similar particles of atmosphere can enter our nose and lungs while breathing and result in sneezing or asthma. Certain substances in food can also cause allergy. Gold and silver ornaments and rubber or plastic can also cause skin allergy in some people.

What’s the solution to allergy and squeezing?

1. If you regularly squeeze as soon as you get out of your bed in the early morning, fill a little water in your mouth and keep it so for a few moments. You can also drink warm water as soon as you wake up. So the better solution is to keep a flask of hot water near your bed before you go to sleep.

2. If cleaning house is your real issue, you can use a vacuum cleaner which provides the best alternative for those having dust allergy. If you are using a broom to clean your home, wear a mask covering mouth and nose to get rid of dust allergy. Enter the rooms one hour after you cleaned them.

3. Those persons having dust allergy can use a moist cloth or mop to clean the house. Dust won’t fly around while using cloth or mop.

4. If you have dust allergy, stay away from pets. Never allow them to sit on sofa set, chairs etc.

5. Certain beauty products can also bring you allergy without any reason. You might have noticed labels such as ‘Hypo allergic’, ‘Dermatologically tested’ etc while purchasing beauty products. But such labels can never assure 100% safe for all types of skin. Apply a little on your skin and wait for next 48 hours before you draw conclusions.

6. Contact with allergic substances can cause swelling, itching etc. You can place ice cubes on those affected areas to get some relief. If conditions persist, visit a doctor.

Never forget these points

1. Bed sheets, pillow covers and curtains contain a lot of dust. If you have dust allergy, change them frequently. It’s better to wash them using warm water. Soak in warm water for a while.

2. If you have dust allergy, avoid woolen blankets.

3. If you clean carpets using soap water, dry well under direct sun. Otherwise moisture content may result in fungal attack. It gives more problems than dust.

4. If you are allergic, avoid cleansers and detergents with intense perfume.

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