A few simple tips to get rid of acidity

Acidity is quite common in we people, and it can affect people of any age group. It mainly occurs due to bad food habits, intake of certain medicines and in some cases, unusual combination of certain food items for diet. Go through these simple tips to prevent acidity. Also read: How to confront digestive problems?

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1. Drink water at regular intervals.

2. Drinking water should be clean, sterilized and free of germs.

3. Reduce the intake of fruits with citrus content. Grapes, orange and lemon are rich in citrus content.

4. Have small meals at regular intervals instead of taking three heavy doses of main course meals.

5. Never overload your stomach with extra food. Always leave a little space vacant. Heavy food with high fat and sugar content can upset your stomach.

6. Instead of carbonate drinks like soda, drink fruit juices.

7. Reduce fat-rich food.

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