7+ Simple tips to overcome memory loss and related issues

It’s quite common to forget your wife’s birthday. Very often it may be done purposefully. But if you think seriously, do you forget important dates and tasks? It’s not a serious issue to forget many things in the busy social life of today. But if we forget many important tasks, or it occurs repeatedly it’s not a silly issue to neglect. So before going into tips to retaining memory, let me say some basic things about memory problems.

These could be the reasons for memory loss

1. If you have sleeping disorders or if suffering lack of sleep, memory problems may affect you. If so consult a doctor

2. If you are not regular in physical exercises, memory problems can affect you. When you do workout, function of heart becomes active and it pumps more blood containing oxygen to brain. This process refreshes the brain and memory a lot. Researches show that people who do regular exercises are less to suffer with memory related diseases.

3. Do you have depression? Are you despair? If so there are chances for memory issues. Mood swings and mental pressure can lead to loss of concentration which results in loss of brain’s power to store new things in memory. Sleeping pills and anti-depression tablets can also give same end result.

4. Drugs for pus in urine and medicines for sleep can also result in memory loss.

Some simple tips to overcome memory related issues

Memory issues are quite common. If you are not able to get over it, arrange a few habits to make those important tasks never gone from your mind. Slowly make them a habit and see the improvements.

1. Find a proper place for pulse, keys, mobile phone, spectacles and notes, and make a habit to keep things in those assigned places.

2. Keep a notepad to note important tasks to do. When a particular task comes to your mind, note it soon without postponing it. You can also save important tasks in your mobile phone.

3. Never engage yourself in more than one task at the same time. Brain can concentrate on to a single task only at a time. Excess workload of multi-tasking drains the energy of your brain resulting in memory loss.

4. When you are free, try to remember old incidents and persons you meet. Try to remember dates, names of persons etc and make a brief note of them. Such brief notes can definitely help you to remember important people and incidents of your life for a long time.

5. When you make friendship with a new person, try to memorize his name. Recall his name and whenever you talk to him, call his name. It helps you to memorize names easily.

6. If you are in a noisy atmosphere or a busy person always, it may be difficult to memorize things. If you want to store something in memory, recall it at least two times. Repetition is the best solution to memorize tasks and people.

7. You can connect your tasks, if there is a continuation in between. If you are a person who has the habit to forget medicines, place those strips in easy accessible places; for example near your washbasin or tooth brush stand or in kitchen (in the case of a house wife)

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