Guest bedroom – How to make it special?

Guest room – rest room specially designed for our guests to rest. It should be beautiful, comfortable and secure. Instead of filling it with decorative items, give preference to keep it neat, well-arranged and tidy. So, let me give you a few tips to note while preparing guest bed room.

1. Family members should never lose their privacy in case a guest is present at home. So, during designing phase itself, you should have a clear idea, where the guest room should be placed.

2. If you have enough space, you can keep a separate room for guests with inbuilt bathroom.

3. If your home is not enough spacious to afford a guest room, construct a multi-purpose room where you can place a music system, computer or a private library. You can place a bed as well. So, make use of the room in case you have special guests to stay. Don’t forget to provide a common bathroom/toilet at its corner too.

4. Another option is to prepare a bed for guests in living space/living room itself. You can put a sofa cum bed in your living room, making it a multi-purpose facility. Give a common bathroom in your living space too.

5. If your house is two-storied building you should decide first, where the guest room should be placed – in the ground floor or first floor. If your frequent guests are old people, it’s better to arrange guest bed room in ground floor itself.

6. If you can’t place a dressing table for guests’ room, fix a big mirror in the wardrobe of the room.

7. Bed should be covered with beautiful and attractive bed sheets. Pillow covers should be clean and tidy. You can place a jar filled with water near his bed.

8. You should keep separate towels, soap and comb for your guests.

9. Keep a candle or emergency lighter too in a table.

So, I have provided a few tips to prepare a guest room during construction phase. Hoping these ideas will be helpful for you.

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