Kerala is quite known for wide range of bananas available and wide variety of snacks made using them. Though most of Kerala snacks using Nentrapazham, Nulliputtuis one distinct variety of snack that uses small type of banana.
Nulliputtu is a traditional snack item of Wyanad of Kerala. It needs only a fewer ingredients and is easy to make. Yet it is delicious, and can serve as a snack item to kids, guests etc. I don’t know the correct measure of items needed to prepare this snack. Sweetness may be varied as you need. You can use any small type of banana to prepare Nulliputtu, preferably Palayankodan or Jnali Poovan (Rasakadali). Nentra Pazham may not be a good option. Read here to know different types of banana. As it is very easy to make, I prepare this snack very often and I preferably use palayankodan.  
Nulliputtu – A Wyanad snack

 Ingredients for Nulliputtu:

1. Ripe Banana of small type – ½ kg
2. Puttu flour – ½ cup or as required
3. Turmeric powder – ¼ teaspoon (may varied as per need)
4. Sugar – Optional (if you want to add extra sweetness)
5. Coconut oil – To fry


How to prepare Nulliputtu?

1. Slightly heat the puttu powder.
2. Smash the banana using hands and add turmeric powder and rice flour to it.
3. Rice powder should be added till the moisture of banana is absorbed and not more.
4. Add sugar if you need extra sweetness.
5. Make small balls of the banana-rice flour.
6. Heat oil in a pan and fry the balls till golden brown.
7. Use medium flame for frying.


1. Banana should be well-ripen. If so Nulliputtu will be brilliant in taste, and there will be no need to add extra sugar.
2. Banana content should be more than rice powder, and rice powder is added till the water content of smashed banana is absorbed.
3. Nulliputtu mixture should be thick enough to make small balls.
4. Nulliputtu should be served hot. Otherwise it won’t taste good.
5. Puttu powder can also be substituted with fine powdered rice flour.
6. You can use hands to smash banana and mix ingredients.
7. You can also make balls instantly and put it in hot oil if you are fast enough.
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